Semi-custom masts and booms

Formula Masts is the chosen aluminium mast and boom supplier to world renowned semi-custom yacht builder Oyster Yachts for all yachts above 54 feet in length. Oyster Yachts build beautifully designed and crafted sailing boats for discerning customers around the globe. Oyster owners are passionate sailors and regularly undertake extensive voyages from transatlantic passages to round the world expeditions.

Amongst the spars already supplied, Formula was delighted to supply a 33.5 metre in-mast furling rig for the latest 825 launched by Oyster Yachts Southampton. We also regularly supply Oyster Yachts with carbon rigs and started by delivering a set of spars with our unique design “Park Avenue” boom for a slab reefed Oyster 575. We are currently producing state of the art carbon in-mast furling rigs for two new Oyster builds.

The masts and booms that we build for Oyster Yachts embrace advanced engineering techniques alongside an exacting build and finish specification that make them not only a hugely reliable key component of the yacht itself, but add a beautiful look on deck to the overall aesthetic of the yacht.

In-boom and in-mast furling systems

Many of the rigs that we produce include advanced in-mast and in-boom furling systems.

Furling a sail inside either a mast or boom has complex impacts on the rig set up, the sail size, shape and weight, and the electronic and hydraulic requirements on the boat. Formula Masts are experts in calculating and specifying all of the elements required to supply a finished system that will withstand many years of use in the harsh marine environment. Our in-mast and in-boom furling systems have crossed many oceans, both in cruising and racing mode, and give the sailors that use them continued seamless service.

Masts and Yard Arms for square rigged sailing ship to replace TS Royalist

Formula Masts was awarded the contract to supply the build of the new replacement ship for TS Royalist with the masts and yard arms for her square rig. TS Royalist is a sail training ship owned and run by the Marine Society and Sea Cadets of the UK, whose patron is Her Majesty the Queen. The previous vessel was 40 years old and had become expensive to operate and maintain, and in 2013 a new vessel was contracted to be built in Spin to replace the old ship.

Formula Masts was delighted to be involved with this prestigious project. The new replacement for TS Royalist is expected to be in service for 40 years from its commission in 2015 and each component including the masts and yard arms was produced to withstand constant use by young trainee sailors during that time.

The TS Royalist project is an opportunity for Formula Masts to showcase our ability to engineer and design truly custom spars for a vessel which will see many years of active service. With two masts, six yards, a boom and gaff, this was a large and complex project. Formula also supplied a complete package including all of the standing and running rigging – hundreds of metres of rope and wire! We sent a team to dress, step and rig the vessel in October 2014 and assisted with sea trials until the end of that year when the vessel was ready to go into service.

The ship undertakes extensive voyages and its traditional rig means that sailors are aloft in the rigging each time the ship sails. The young trainees will be up close and personal with the spars that Formula Masts produced for the ship, many feet above the deck, on a daily basis.

Custom built masts and booms

At Formula Masts we work with yacht designers and builders creating yachts to match the dreams of their owners, custom built specifically for them. These yachts are unique and the masts and booms that we build are unique to these yachts. We work in collaboration with the many team members involved in creating the yachts to produce custom built masts and booms to a premium quality and finish.