Formula Masts produces masts from 18.5m (60 feet) to 50m (165 feet) high for a complete range of sailing boats from 3 masted schooners, to square rigged ships to some of the most beautiful superyachts, to semi custom built Oyster Yachts voyaging the globe.


Slab Reefing

Formula provides masts and the complete solution for slab reefed mainsails.  The masts we make comprise mast and track with a complete range of reefing options depending on requirements.  We produce options with multiple slabs depending on the size of the mast, track with lazy jacks, and a full sail handling set up.

We recently completed a project for a slab reef mast that required a 160mm internal boiler vent to the mast head so that any boiler fumes were vented up away from the sails and deck.  Along with this was fully automated hydraulic push button control for all halyards and sheets.

In Mast Furling

In Mast furling allows larger sails to be safely handled with fewer crew.  There are a number of set up options described below.  In Mast furling allows you to take on short handed passages with confidence, and even introduce the family to exciting sailing conditions in full confidence that your sailing systems will support you every step of the way.

Manual Drive

Formula Masts can supply a mast with manual drive for boats up to 50 feet, however it is uncommon on larger boats because as sail sizes increase so does the value of having a powered system.  A powered system gives ease of use for larger boats.

Electric Drive

Formula Masts offer 12 or 24 volt systems.  We produce our own specification gearbox with its unique manual backup drive which means that if there is a power failure on board and the electric system is disabled, the user can very easily manually furl the sail.  Formula has designed this compact all in one gear box with space saving and aesthetics in mind.  Our system means that you do not need several separate units for the gooseneck fitting and to deal with potential power failure, which makes the Formula Masts system safe, easy, and beautiful.  The gear box also has an integral multifunction toggle for the boom allowing full vertical and horizontal movement.

Formula has designed our own control box system and switch panel for operating the mast and it has an audible warning system to tell you when you are reaching the threshold for maximum sail load, so that the system is never overloaded.  This robust system means that the electric drive is always protected from any potential failure from overloading.  This means that you can always furl your sail whatever the situation or sailing conditions.

What does that mean for you? If you’re trying to furl the sail away and there’s too much wind in the sail or not enough ease in the sheet, rather than become overloaded the system will cut out and wait for ten seconds.   It will then work again giving you time to head up to wind so that you can continue furling the sail again safely.  In the event of any power failure you can rely on the manual backup meaning you can always furl the sail.

Hydraulic Drive

This is the same unique Formula Masts gearbox with manual backup but fitted with a hydraulic motor.  Choose a hydraulic drive rather than an electric drive when you want to compliment the other hydraulic systems on board such as hydraulic vang, headsail furlers, and deck winches.  The one advantage of hydraulic over an electric drive is the longevity of a hydraulic drive – it will last longer because there are no electric components which are more susceptible to salt water corrosion and have a finite life expectancy.  We incorporate the furling hydraulics into the rest of the yacht’s hydraulic system.  To compliment the hydraulic furling system we can fit a hydraulic outhaul in the boom over a manual system.

Hydraulic opens up many more options for non-manual sail control such as a hydraulic mainsheet.

The Formula Masts Furling System

Formula mast sections have a central mast slot.  This is superior to an offset luff slot because it can be easily used and it allows the sail to be furled in either direction on either tack.  This prevents any undue stress on the sail and sail fabric and on the foil system itself.  Your sails will keep their shape and last longer and your system will last longer.

In mast furling inevitably increases weight aloft and to counter this Formula has developed our own lighter, stiffer foil section to enhance sailing performance whilst providing the benefits of simple in mast furling.

Formula has also designed and developed our own unique main halyard swivel to ensure ease of furling with modern materials.  Sail cloth is becoming more and more efficient, as are the materials used in rope and rigging.  These materials have less ‘give’ in them compared to older materials meaning that the sails and ropes create higher loads in the rig – they are more demanding.  At Formula we constantly and rigorously review our manufacturing and design processes to ensure you get the most advanced rig in line or sometimes ahead of the curve of technical development in the industry.

Our furling mast sections have a unique internal integrated conduit system for electrics, electronics and lighting cables.  This is an integral part of the aluminium section offering a higher level of reliability and longevity compared to other systems using an additional plastic conduit for this purpose.  Always check this detail when you are deciding on a new mast.

Mast Finishes

All Formula spars are immediately recognisable for their premium manufacturing and finish elements.  All of our spars are finished with advanced polyurethane topcoat which is part of a four coat paint system. This gives many years of protection for your spars whilst maintaining a visibly beautiful finish.

You’ll know a Formula mast when you see one!