Manufacturing Processes

Formula Masts is a UK company producing all of our products in house.  We use CNC machined components manufactured on site and welded into the masts during fabrication stage rather than using external parts which are then screwed or riveted onto the mast as is the practice of many other spar manufacturers.  This method of manufacture allows us to create a premium product.  The majority of the welds at eye height are hand faired and smoothed to become a seamless part of the final design.

We have a team of highly skilled and experienced engineering professionals and producers who are craftsmen at their trade.  Our in house design capabilities mean that we can create technically challenging products for unique projects, in both aluminium and composite materials.

Attention to Detail

At Formula Masts we view every spar we produce as an opportunity to delight our clients and also to give our experienced team the opportunity to create the very best products available in the market.  The care and attention that goes into everything we produce means that we can be proud of what we do and always look forward to providing clients with a product that they will be equally proud to have on their yacht.