At Formula we believe that the boom is not merely a functional part of the boat, but a key asset in giving a sailing yacht a beautiful and elegant appearance.  We design our booms to be technically and functionally excellent whilst also creating a beautiful aesthetic to enhance the look of the yacht.

Slab reefing booms

Formula Masts produce Conventional and Park Avenue slab reefing booms in both aluminium and carbon fibre.

In Boom Furling

Formula Masts have a history of and expertise in producing beautiful booms with their own integrated in boom furling system.

The advantage of in boom furling is that the sail weight is kept low on the boat and the sail shape can be a conventional fully battened mainsail.  We can offer aluminium or composite booms with in boom furling systems.

Our in boom furling systems are a specifically designed tapered shape unlike the majority of standard offerings.  Our boom shape is recognisable for the high degree of aesthetic character we incorporate to ensure it looks beautiful.

Our in boom furling system has an emergency drive backup meaning the user can furl the sail with a winch handle by hand in the event of an electrics or hydraulics failure on board.

Electric and hydraulic Drives

Both our electric and hydraulic drives are located internally within the mandrel to the inboard end, allowing easy access and maintenance.  We have designed a flexible feeder assembly to ensure smooth transition of the sail from the track to the boom.  The luff track allows for an integral sail cover.  The sail cover is easily stowed inside the boom without the need to remove and store it separately making the whole process of protecting your sail easy, and making hoisting, lowering and stowing the sail seamless.

A spherical bearing assembly at the outboard end ensures minimal friction and optimum alignment of the sail and furling system during operation.

Building on the years of experience that Formula has with in mast furling systems you know you are getting a tried and tested system.  Our in boom furling systems have taken sailors on round the world voyages trouble free for over 30 years.

Everything we do at Formula Masts is designed to give you a totally stress free sailing experience.  We think around the corners and constantly upgrade our designs as new materials and technical capabilities evolve in the industry.